Ohio Unemployment Rate for February 2016 Released

Ohio's February 2016 unemployment rate remained unchanged from January 2016 at 4.9%.  This is an increase from 4.8% for December and 4.5% for November 2015.  It had reached a fourteen year low of 4.4% in October 2015.  The number of unemployed increased from January by 6,000 to a total of 285,000.  The largest losses in jobs were state government losing 2,800 jobs, manufacturing losing 2,300, and leisure and hospitality reduced by 2,200.

The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services released the unemployment rate for February 2016, reporting that it remained unchanged from January 2016 at 4.9%, up from 4.8% for December 2015 and the fourteen year low of 4.4% in October 2015.  It is reported that 12,400 jobs were added in Ohio in February, although the number of unemployed also increased to 285,000 up 6,000 from 279,000 in January.  The national unemployment rate also remained unchanged from January at 4.9%.

The winners in terms of job increases were trade, transportation, and utilities (+5,800), educational and health services (+4,300), and local government (+5,400).  The losers were state government (-2,800), manufacturing (-2,300), and leisure/hospitality (-2,200).  Interestingly, leisure/hospitality was a winner in January with an increase of 3,000.

Source: http://jfs.ohio.gov/RELEASES/unemp/201603/index.stm

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